Friday, 6 April 2018

(Not Completed)

Name: Calypso
Age: Unknown
Species: Semi Aquatic Sea Serpent
Relationship Status: Single
Occupation: Escaped Experiment

Appearance Serpent:
Length: 230feet
Scales Color: Aqua/Lavender
Eye Color: Pink

Appearance Human:
Height: 5'6
Eye Color: Lavender
Hair Color: Aqua
Skin tone: Pale

Personality: Due to how she was brought up, Calypso can be a little suspicious of new strangers, but once she gets to know someone, she'll open up. She likes to spend most of her time sleeping under water, but the Serpent can be rather playful and bubbly, hyperactive. Cal is extremely protective and territorial over her friends and will snap out if any try to harm them, or get too close with ill intentions.

Backstory: Hatched and brought up in a weaponized science facility, with one mission a single task. Hunt and murder a failed project that had escaped years ago. Genetically modified to successfully complete the mission Calypso was placed through grueling training exercises so that she did not fail.

The time came when her Target attacked the Facility that Cal was being kept in. Upon release the giant Serpent easily worked through the halls locating her target before striking viciously, a venomous bite and canines so sharp and strong it pierced through the heavy defenses of her target like slicing through butter. Unfortunately the Wyvern she was attacking had brought friends, and the one known as Gleeon shrank the Serpent to a tiny snake, shoving her in a stifling bag that she could not escape.

The Wyvern survived and Calypso ended up befriending the target once Gleeon had taught her about the outside world, what she'd been missing and that she was being used.


  • Water Manipulation- Being a Sea Serpent, she can control any amount of water to her will, able to create abnormally large Tsunami's or waterfalls in thin air. She can extract it from the earth, and use it to her ability. An agile and extremely fast swimmer, the stuff of nightmares in a Sailors world.
  • Burrowing- Calypso can tunnel under anything, where it be metal, concrete or earth. Anything hot, like lava or fire however she cannot get through. 
  • Constriction- Much like a Boa, she can constrict and destroy anything that gets tangled in her coils, where it'll end up being a pile of rubble and dust, or a sack of mushy blood on the floor.
  • Digestion- She can eat almost anything that she sinks her fangs into, since her stomach acid is strong enough to melt most solids. 
  • Earth Manipulation- Being modified to becoming semi aquatic, Calypso can just as easily live on land as well as the sea, which also enables her to control a small amount of earth, but not a great deal of it. 
  • Venom- With the worlds most powerful venom stored into the sacs above her fangs it could kill anything, unless said creature or thing was immune to venoms and poisons. There is one Vaccine in the world that could stop the spread of it, or incredibly strong regeneration/healing abilities.